OMSI 2 Add-On Urbino Stadtbusfamilie
Performance significantly improved by:
articulated LOD added
diverse models revised and polygons reduced
viewpoints revised
added wheel LOD
seat meshes optimized
Vehicles should now be easy to use as AI (and shouldnt use so much performance, since only important models are displayed)
Vehicle Physics SU15 adapted
Vehicle Physics SU12 adapted
Vehicle Physics SU18 adapted
indicator deactivaton now works correctly (logic error Dash.osc indicator mode now -1 and 1 instead of 1 and 2)
Passenger pendulum now works correctly on articulated vehicles (logic error misc.osc, && exchanged for ||)
Climate switch removed Vehicle has automatic climate control, is not needed and no function
AASR / ABS no longer so aggressive
Brake is now stronger
Wheel cap (Type 2) 2nd axle left, 15m car, is now displayed correctly
3. Door can now be opened by pressing a button in the 4-door NG
IBISTexture reduced
Light block texture contrast adjusted
Vehicle now uses the correct, supplied fonts for the matrix
IBIS will now be hidden if Faremaster has been set via repaint
Parking brake now works with less force
Frame brake lever animation changed
All doors open pushbutton moves at the push of a button now no longer third door push button with (MOKI)
Warning flash button now turns off correctly (MOKI)
Heckmatrix (Breit & Schmal) will be lit only when at least parking light (12m)
Interior 12m 2-door has now correctly textured door mounts below
All cars now have separate texture for the outer door
Carts of all vehicles newly exported
Sliding window holder 15m now has correct texture and mapping
Doors will not hang if they are closed during the opening process
Discharge air builds up slower and brake has an influence on compressed air supply
Motor power scaled to vehicle size
Brake power scaled to vehicles
Station brake without release (20h switch) now available for